Zombie Aftermath Challenge: Stage 2 – Week 4:Narrator’s Notes

So as you can see in the picture from Cherry’s post, she became much more voluptuous. I’ve been getting gifts from other simmer’s, potions from supernatural. One being the one that makes the sim curvy! AWESOME! Cherry drank one and I managed to get a picture! She now is the perfect older doting grandmotherly type – cane and all! Sadly no grandchildren to love and spoil as of yet! (Narrator Panicking just a bit 😡   😡   :pale: !!!!) I don’t mind it at all, a bit more realistic, got some photos of her struggling to get around. Her and Marcus are alarmingly older now! I’ve never played a family long enough to have deaths and I’m strangely excited and horrified to say the least!

I’ve also experienced a strange “glitch” or maybe just a consequence for reading a Pregnancy Book. Peaches was reading a book (OUTSIDE IN THE SNOW – in shorts!!!) and it turned out to be a pregnancy book. I received the following announcement! Pretty sure she is not pregnant as I don’t have any mods of THAT sort in my game! I also know for a fact that she has not been around anyone she can “Whooho” with 🙂 Funny moment though!




Zombie Aftermath Challenge: Stage 2 – Week 4


Dear Diary,

Well, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve written down my thoughts. I felt the need to make an entry as I’m getting on and don’t know how long I have. My life has been full and wonderful despite the circumstances we find ourselves in and the tragedies we have faced. We Sims are a hearty bunch and have always made the best of what we have been given. I’m finding that I am enjoying the little things so much and especially spending time with Alexander. He is my last “Baby” and he will be having a birthday soon – I intend to enjoy this special time with him as much as I can! He is such a happy child and even though his siblings are older than him, he has no problem entertaining himself. That tree-house was such a great idea! He makes me feel young again.

Marcus and I have grown so close and I love him so much. I can’t imagine my life without him. He is the rock of our family and my Eternal Love!

Peaches has been doing so much better, I’m so encouraged! She has going outside which she refused to do and is finding joy in life again! She has even begun training with her siblings to prepare for joining the AZEF, though she really isn’t sure that is the life for her!

Marcus and I are determined to live as long as possible and have been getting outside and exercising together. It’s been so much fun! I love that man! I’m painting still too – masterpieces all over the house!

Every day is a gift that I intend to experience to the fullest!



Dear Diary,

So Apple and I have been busy going to work and trying to get promotions! This requires a lot of physical activities as well as Apple fixing stuff and getting handy at pretty much any repair!   I’ve also been challenging Dad to games of chess to improve my logic skills. Still haven’t beat him yet!

We have been keeping the family in shape as well with a little training! Peaches is going to surprise us all I think and I can’t be prouder of Dad – he just doesn’t give up! He has been trying out different potion concoctions with the chemistry set that the AZEF gave us. I think they are hoping someone will come up with a cure – whatever! All he has managed to create is some stinkbait maybe we can use for fishing!

I think I will be due for a promotion soon –as well as hoping to meet more of my fellow workers!



Dear Diary,

Well we had two birthdays today – Never a dull moment around here! Alex is now a teen – mood swings here we come!

Navarre became an adult and decided to join us at the AZEF. He decided to join the law enforcement side with Aiden. He was so excited (well as excited as Aiden gets) to get outside! Navarre is a bit intense but has a good heart.

I finally mastered my athletic skill and plan to force my way to the top of my unit at AZEF!


Dear Diary,

Well today/tonight was a total freak out! We had an unexpected but awesome ghostly visitor! Brielle’s ghost visited us today and apparently she was hungry as she likes to get something to eat when she visits. She and Aiden had a chat on why she didn’t take care of herself and thus froze to death! They were able to make up and be friends. It’s nice to have her around even in her ghostly form – it’s better than nothing. Mom and Dad were very happy about it too… I hope they won’t be joining her anytime soon!

On the flip side, we had Z’s last night. Unlike any other Z’s that have visited before. One of the Z seemed to not realize that “she” was a Z and performed a horrifying rendition of some old time pop song! It was awful and made it hard to sleep. It didn’t help that the other Z was on the other side of the house moaning and making an awful racket too… The more terrifying “Z” (I’m not even sure it was a Z!!) came before the “normal zs'” it didn’t moan, it didn’t act at all like a normal Z. We noticed some bright lights and were looking in the back yard and didn’t see anything! Then we noticed it standing outside the fence trying to get in! It made some notes and it really seemed to be reasoning – not brain dead like a Z at all! It brought reality down upon us in a hurry! I’ll have to report it to my superiors.

Did I mention that the Singing Z had glowing red eyes! We’ve seen that kind before, but they stayed way past daybreak which is unusual…



Dear Diary,

Making a little entry in my journal. Life has been good, things are changing and I’m old! I love my family but am getting tired. The visitors we had last night I’m not afraid to say scared me. Things are not at all the norm. Well, I’m leaving that up to my older children, it’s their duty to protect the family now. I’m just going to love my children and wife until the very end. You are never too old to have fun!



Zombie Aftermath Challenge: Stage 2 – Week 3


Dear Diary,

So things have been pretty quiet around here. Everyone has been stuck inside so much with all the snow. Starting to get a bit Stir Crazy! I’ve been enjoying having to go to work!

One bright spot was Alexander’s Birthday.



Dear Diary,

I don’t know how to even write this. I’m so – so distraught. We have had a terrible accident here and our family is in shock! I don’t know where to begin.

Brielle has tragically lost her life. We should have noticed. I guess because everyone had been getting on each other’s nerves we didn’t notice how much time she was spending outside. This wasn’t the first time we found her outside, neglecting her needs. The first time was when she was a kid. She just loved being outside in any weather. It hadn’t happened for awhile and we just didn’t find her in time.

We have been so preoccupied with my being employed and working Outside the Home and Aiden’s birthday coming soon. Mom & Dad were so excited about another one of us going Outside. We had just found out that Aiden was being put into the AZEF Policing side of the Organization. I don’t know!!!

Mom found her and Death. He would not be persuaded to let her return and we had to say goodbye to her spirit.

Poor Alexander witnessed the whole thing.

Rest in Peace my dear, sweet sister, Brielle. You will be sorely missed.



Dear Diary,

We are trying to go on with life without our dear Brielle. It has not been an easy thing, our grief is so heavy. Poor Mom & Dad

We are all grieving in our own way, but we are really concerned about Peaches. It’s so hard especially on a twin to lose their other half. They were so close. We will be keeping her close to all of us during this time.


Navarre has always been the quiet one, but he is grieving too.

If only she could have made it one more day – Spring is here….


Dear Diary,

So I always see Apple always writing in her journal my Mom gave her a long time ago, well Mom gave me one too.  Apparently, it’s what she does when you reach Adulthood.  She thought I may like to keep a record of what happens in my life Outside.  Maybe, I’m not much of a writer.

Well, I’ve reached Adulthood alive.  It was an exiting moment in my life, I feel like my life is actually starting.  I going to step foot outside this house for the first time tomorrow!  I can’t wait.

My birthday joy was saddened by the loss of my sister Brielle.  I still can’t believe she is gone.  When you live in the kind of household like ours – close knit – really close knit; loss is very hard to deal with.  I mean seriously we have been locked up together in this house since our birth. We may have fought sometimes but we are a very close family.  There is a very big hole now.

I can’t help but see how old my parents are getting – life can really suck sometimes….



It’s me again, Aiden. So I just had to write this down as it was an amazing – exciting day for me!!   I was picked up the night after my birthday. (Boy they don’t mess around!) My first ride in a car!!  It was awesome!  I asked the driver if I would be able to get one for myself but she said she didn’t know.  She said it would depend on how far up I rose in the “Food Chain” (whatever that means!) She was really nice, pretty too.  Man! It was nice to see a non-family women!  Sweet!

Anyways – I digress.  So she dropped me off at AZEF Police Building.  They decided that since Apple went over to the Military Side of the organization, I’d go over here.  I’m not sure what the difference is but I’m sure I’ll find out.  I met with Darrel Gaither who is going to be my boss.  He’s a nice enough guy. He told me I’d have a partner assigned to me within the week.  He led me down the hall to the video room and I got to watch the History Video that Apple told me about.  I will be taking a History Class too.  I guess it’s part of all new recruit training.  That was all I got to do that first night, I was pretty freaked out but excited too!  The same pretty girl took me back home.  I never did get her name.

I couldn’t help but mourn my sister.  She will never get to experience life Outside the house.  It was a pretty emotional experience.  I wonder if I’ll ever feel normal again.


Oh!  I got a pair of those training goggles that Apple has!  Cool!

Zombie Aftermath Challenge: Stage 2 – Week 2

Dear Diary,
Well apparently there is a reason for that “I’m being watched” feeling. We had five new visitors last night! I guess just because I’m working for the AZEF now doesn’t mean we won’t be bothered by Z’s. Was that a coincidence?


Dear Diary,

My first week of work went really well.  I’m not going to lie and say it was fun, as cleaning latrines cannot ever be considered fun.  However, my good attitude and hard work did not go unnoticed.  By Friday I was promoted to Mess Hall Server; which was an awesome improvement let me tell ya!  Mom & Dad were so proud.  I learned a lot this past week. More about the AZEF organization – namely that it’s pretty big and not just in our town.  It’s spreading nationally.  Part of my day includes a mandatory History Class.  This class teaches the roots of the Infection and future plans for finding a cure.  I hope to learn more as it is very relevant to our survival. I’ve also been doing my part by training Aiden at home which is a lot of fun and beneficial for both of us.  My athletic ability is growing and has not gone unnoticed at work.

This week has not been uneventful at home either!  Mom & Dad both had birthdays and are now elders.  Dad was outside building a snowman with Brielle (or was it Peaches?!) when he decided to have his birthday.  Mom was just finishing up a nice bowl of Mac & Cheese (the new family favorite).

We all knew it was coming, but it was still a shock!  Hopefully with the boys and I able to take care of things they can enjoy their “Retirement”!  Dad is impatiently waiting for spring and a new planting season.  He really would like to fulfill his lifetime wish of a perfect garden.  Mom’s been painting some beautiful stuff!  She has really gotten amazing.

We also celebrated the twin’s birthdays.  Brielle now has the Daredevil trait and Peaches the Dramatic.  Oh Boy!

This means that we have 4 teenagers in the house – all at one time!  The mood swings are astounding- and don’t get me started on the pranks (aka Booby Traps)!!!

I’m so glad I get to go to work!


Dear Diary,
So I’ve been promoted once already and I hope to move up again quickly.  I’ve met all of my coworkers that I can at this time.

I’m a little worried, no men!  I know, I know, I shouldn’t really be concerning myself with that kinda thing right now, but how can I not worry about this!  I know there are some… somewhere!  Well, I’ve been working really hard and usually nap when I get home from work.

The rest of the family have been having fun in the snow.  Winter is almost over.  This one has been one of the easier ones with all the new kinds of food the AZEF provided us with! It’s nice to see everyone having a good time.  Maybe a few less snowmen though – sheesh!!!

Well, hopefully I will meet more people (ahemmm men type people)…


Zombie Aftermath Challenge: Stage 2 – Week 1

Dear Diary,
Well, I’m here and Dad didn’t kill me!  After the shock of hearing where I went, he sat down and we talked.  I told him about the Allied Zombie Extermination Force (AZEF) & Private First Class Walter.  How survivors banded together and formed an organized military force – the AZEF – and that they watch for potential recruits.  I told Dad that they wanted me to join and Aiden too when he was old enough.  For that matter – all us kids! Mom & Dad didn’t really say too much. I think they realize that my life has been pretty contained and that this was a wonderful opportunity for my siblings and I.  Obviously, if we don’t want to go extinct – I need to branch out!  My mother hugged me and I know we were thinking along the same lines.  What mother doesn’t want grandchildren  😉  This was an opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up.

Now I’m back to waiting – hurry up AZEF!



Dear Diary,
So I’m still waiting for contact from the AZEF, I’m starting to go crazy!  However, as we are all waiting for them to contact me, we had some birthdays.  Happy Birthday to my littlest brother – Alex!

He is a bit spoiled, but we all know that he will probably be the last baby since Mom is getting up there in age!  He is a really well behaved child – he really just plays all day!  He loves all those toys – which he gets all to himself!

Navarre also had a birthday.  He is now a teen with a new trait – Adventurous!



Dear Diary,
I finally was contacted by the AZEF!!  We just finished breakfast and a car pulled up and honked the horn.  I went to the front door and looked out.  A girl rolled down the window and yelled to me that her name was Callie and she was sent to get me.  I flew out of the house.  Dad let me out of the gate this time – no sneaking!  We arranged that we would honk when I got back and he would let me back in.  I ran to the car and got in.  I still don’t like being outside – I just can’t shake the feeling of being watched!  Creepy!!  I’m sure it’s just my upbringing – right?

Callie told me she was a Private First Class as well and that her name was Callie Herbert.  Her skin was very white and she had the most strangest eyes I’ve ever seen (red, glowy!)  So weird, she was very different from anyone I’ve ever met (I know like I’ve met lots of people in my life!) She said that she would be working with me if I accepted the position that the AZEF offered me.  I guess I had a choice whether or not to join. It really would have to be pretty bad for me not to accept! The AZEF Headquarters was pretty close to my house, only about a 30 minute drive!  It was so amazing to be out of my house, I’m afraid I didn’t talk to Callie much – just stared out of the window at the countryside.  She dropped me off in front of this huge building with Planes mounted in front. It was a very large building that had obviously been taken care of and restored.  It was completely gated and was very secure.  I felt safe.

I went into the lobby and was met by an older women with white hair.  She said that she was a Lieutenant and she would be my boss.  She said that everyone who joined started out at the bottom – as in the very bottom!  The position was Latrine Cleaner (YUCK!!!).  If I accepted, I would work 4 days a week from 7am – 2pm, be provided with a generator, a refrigerator and a food allowance.  This food would be for my entire family and would help make us strong and healthy which would benefit society as a whole.  She asked me if I would like to think about it and let her know in a few days.  I told her there was no need for that – I was IN!  She shook my hand and told me to go home and a delivery would be made later today with the generator and refrigerator.  She also gave me some spectacular goggles!  She said they would help start my training and that I should wear them for at least an hour a day.  She also said I should take very good care of them because if I broke them I would be in big trouble!  She gave me my uniform and said she would see me tomorrow bright and early and to get a good night sleep.  WOW!

When I got back everyone was asking questions and shouting! Everyone was so excited.  The Van came right after I got home and I thought my mother would fall over in excitment.  She hadn’t seen a refrigerator -a working one- in forever!  The food went over very well with my growing brothers.  I was very pleased to see that the van contained some gym equipment for us to use.  I guess with the promise of three new recruits (me and my two strapping brothers) the investment would be well worth it.

My Dad made dinner with the new food – Macaroni & Cheese.  We all loved it!

I went to bed dreaming of the future and anticipating my new life – which would start tomorrow!



Zombie Aftermath Challenge: Stage 2 Notes

So the family is going insane!  I’m chalking it up to the constant Stir Crazy Moodlet 

They were always going outside – in the snow – and playing in the sand!  I’ve had to remove the sandbox until warmer weather. Seriously – I’m really surprised no one has frozen to death!  Which by the way, is a really hard way for a sim to die!  Apparently, as long as they change into their “coats aka Outerwear” they won’t freeze to death.

For Stage 2 I won’t be micro managing the family.  I have had any non-active (selected) sim on High Free Will but I would step in and make them do stuff.  So for now on I will be focusing on just Apple (and Aiden when he ages up).  The rest are on their own – for better or for worse!  It’s been interesting to see what they do on their own.  I can’t believe how many “booby traps” those teens have been setting!

Other notes: Cherry maxed her painting skills and has painted portraits of (I think) everyone.  Marcus has maxed Gardening.  Cherry also fulfilled her lifetime wish of Surrounded by Family. Marcus I don’t think will make his; we don’t have that many gardening options… but we will see.  The family has been given a refrigerator from the AZEF that runs on the generator as well as a food allowance. Marcus found an old stove a long time ago, but the family couldn’t use it without a refrigerator.  (The original challenge allowed you to have a grill, but that doesn’t work without a frig apparently.)  It’s up and working now! To say that the family has been enjoying a bigger range of food choices is an understatement!  Cooking has been a big hit and everyone who is able has been! No fires as of yet too!  The AZEF also gave Apple some old gym equipment – no electricity required! Apple and Aiden set up a gym in the garage which has been empty.

So onto Stage 2!

Zombie Aftermath Challenge: Stage One (Founders) Stats

Well, it’s official!  The Sanborn Family has made it to Stage 2 of the Zombie Aftermath Challenge.   No one has died or has been killed – so far! Here are the family standings as of Apple’s Birthday Transition to Young Adult:     (Click to Enlarge)

Gen 1 founder stats

According to the Challenge the next Stage is Military.  The rules for this Generation are as follows.  Please note, my Sims do use water.

Stage One: Military Takeover (begins when the last child from generation one grows into young adulthood) Your family toiled away, made their own food and managed to raise kids while avoiding zombie infestation. Now the military is moving into town, taking up shop and killing zombies. This generation -May join the Military or Law Enforcement career. Only those old enough to have a job can leave the secured area however, and only to go to work. -May only marry coworkers (everyone else is a zombie) -Your sim may not leave to visit their romantic interest until they are at the 5th level of their profession or until they have 10 athletic points. Their romantic interest may visit them. -Must have at least one child with one survival trait. If the child develops a non-survival trait, they got themselves killed by zombies. -If no one of the opposite sex is available to marry in these careers, your sim may adopt a child. (save an orphaned child from attacking zombies) However, you must kill off your adopted child if s/he has (or develops) no surviving traits, or any of the non-surviving traits. -The military has been kind enough to give your family a back up generator, however it can only support 2 items that use electricity. The military also has given you a cell phone. You may only use it to call other non-zombie sims (unless of course you want to talk to zombies about “braaaiiinss….” -All female sims that plan to have babies must have the family oriented trait. If your sim does not have this trait when she gets pregnant, she does not survive the birth due to complications and no medical help. The child, however, will survive. This Generation May Not: -Interact with anyone outside of work -Use contraception. They ran out and there is no one left to make it. (must ‘try for baby’ every time they woohoo) -Use more than 2 electrical items -Move anyone out of the house. -Use running water -Leave the fenced lot (outside of work or visiting romantic interests)